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Railay lagoon trek / climb


railay, near ao nang, thailand This trek starts with a steep scramble / climb up to the low view-point over Railay and Tonsai. This is a sight not to be missed - one of the most beautiful places on the planet, from above !! Those of the party who want to can follow this with an optional climb to the high viewpoint.
This is a very, very easy climb, on which you will be roped up for safety and then lowered down afterwards. If you prefer to abseil (rapell) down instead of being lowered, you can do this, provided you either already know what to do so or want us to take the time to teach you how to do it. railay, ao nang, thailand
railay, ao nang, thailand Next the whole party treks down towards the lagoon, where not a sound disturbs the utter silence and stillness. It is possible to reach almost as far down as the lagoon without being roped up, but to reach the lagoon itself requires roping up and then being lowered down (or abseiling yourself), after which you climb back up - again, an extremely easy climb. Dozens of people a day do this climb independantly without ropes in high season, but we insist on ropes. Reaching the lagoon, and then swimming in its under-lit ultramarine waters, is an another option on this day out. Swimming is only possible at or near to high tide.

The trek then leads on to the famous Phra Nang beach for lunch, a swim and relaxation.

Cliff-jumping comes next, either from the low cliff, or the 7m-high cliff - this doesn't sound too high, but it looks like a long way, when looking down. We need to time this activity to coincide with high tide, so the exact itinerary varies.

After donning head-torches, we then climb fixed ladders and ropes through the pitch-black interior of the massive hollow Taiwand Wall karst, after which we arrive at a stunningly beautiful viewpoint high above Railay and Tonsai. This view is often used in posters published by the Tourist Authority of Thailand. From here you can if you wish abseil down to West Railay beach.



This is a very flexible trip, which can be varied from a very soft to a more demanding adventurous day out. Children as young as five can manage most but not all of the activities.

There is not time in a single day to do all the activities above, so we tailor the exact itinerary to the individual party's ages and physical abilities. No two trips are ever exactly the same.

As a soft introduction to rock-climbing it is a great choice, for two reasons.

Firstly, both of the optional climbs are very easy and can be managed by anyone aged 10 - 60 who is in fairly good shape, so almost everyone will achieve a positive result.

Secondly, we take people straight to the top of some amazing places, which they would never be able to see without the use of ropes. For many people it is a simply stunning experience to go from the beach straight to the top of one of the massive karst rocks, then stand on top admiring the 360 degree view. We use only fully-quailified and -trained guides who we have climbed with personally before they climb with our customers.

This is a trip we can run in the rainy season, as the trek through the Thaiwand Wall is unaffected by rain. If it rains, we will not go to the top of the karst or the lagoon, we will rock-climb at a sheltered but easy rock-face instead.

Contact us to discuss your exact requiremnts, and we will custom-design your day-trip accordingly.



We charge the standard price for a day out climbing charged by all Railay climbing shops. This can be checked by googling 'climb Railay'. If you book with us you will get the following additional benefits not offered by other climbing companies:

- Guaranteed maximum of 3 customers per guide. Many Railay shops take along up to 10 customers per guide, which means that the customers spends most of their day waiting for their turn.

- Western facilitator. A locally-resident Westerner will come along, to ensure good communications and to make certain that your expectations are met.

Up to 5 people : THB 1,800 per person.

More than 5 people : THB 1,500 per person


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